The Beginning After The End Chapter 169 arrives soon, and here’s everything you may want to know about the chapter’s release schedule.

While most of the manhwas and mangas stay far from popularity due to the lack of their anime adaptation, The Beginning After The End has gained millions of loyal readers, even if it has yet to be animated. On the websites like Manganelo, the manhwa has more than 70 million viewership, and the official website of Tapas Media, it has more than 20 million views with 404 thousand subscribers.

When will The Beginning After The End Chapter 169 Release?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 169 will officially release on Tapas Media’s official website on Friday, November 25, 2022, at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. If you are based in a different time zone, the below time schedule can help you:

What happened in TBATE last time?

In the previous chapter, we see Tessia leading her own team, which shouldn’t be so surprising because she’s really skilled when it comes to combat. She takes the fight to the enemy, and while her allies worry for her safety, she continues saving everyone around her. Darvus also keeps fighting by Tessia’s side, and with twin swords, he butchers several enemies in his path.

While Tessia, Darvus, and Caria keep on fighting the Gorillas, Stannard starts looking for the pack leader. To end this fight, Tessia’s team had to eliminate the leader, but Stannard couldn’t confirm its location.

Regardless, Tessia and Stannard unleash a powerful spell and cover the entire Dungeon with fire, which is enough to hold back the enemy. After that, the team gets out of the Dungeon, and then we see Helen arriving to meet Tessia. Following that, we meet Helen’s entire team, and as expected, Darvus starts hitting on the new girls.

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