The main character of The Beginning After The End was missing for a long time, but he made a kickass entry in the previous chapter of the manhwa. Now, fans want to know about the release schedule for the manhwa’s Chapter 172.

The previous chapters focused more on Tessia instead of Arthur. Even though every fan enjoyed her story but somewhere, Arthur’s void was felt. So, when he has made his way back to the manhwa, everyone is surprised to see his transformation.

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

When does The Beginning After The End Chapter 172 come out?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 172 will release on Sunday, December 25, 2022, at 9:00 AM on Tapas Media’s official website. For International fans, the forthcoming chapter will come out at:

What happened in TBATE Chapter 171?

The battle with the beasts ends, but Tessia feels guilty as she couldn’t save the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their sake. She then recalls how Arthur has the ability to protect every member of his army in any battle. While she is praising Arthur, Darvus calls him a coward and mean. In contrast, Caria shows excitement about meeting him. She also asks Tessia that did Arthur save her when she ran from the house; Tessia says yes by nodding her head.

After some time, Drogo arrives and asks everyone to walk toward the cave where Mana Beasts reside. He also tells everyone to be ready as there are numerous Mana beasts; as they are the strongest, it’s better to stay alert. However, things take a shocking turn when the army enters the cave only to find the beasts lying dead, and the bravest of all, Arthur, is sitting over the pile of dead beasts.

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