The Beginning After The End manhwa has changed its release schedule, and now fans must get used to the new schedule being followed by the manhwa. Well, here we talk about the release schedule of The Beginning After The End Chapter 174.

Arthur is back with a bang. While Tessia and some of the other members of her army are happy to see him return, Darvus gets insecure. He denies believing that Arthur killed all the Mana Beasts. So, out of insecurity, he asks him for a face-to-face fight. Well, the previous chapter was all about the battle between Darvus and Arthur. As the plot of the manhwa gets even better than earlier, following our main protagonists’ return, no one can resist asking when will the next chapter come out.

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

When will The Beginning After The End Chapter 174 be released?

The Beginning After The End Manhwa’s 174th chapter will release on its regular platform, Tapas Media, on Monday, January 16th, 2023, at 9:00 AM PST. Moreover, the following is the time schedule that people residing in different parts of the globe should follow:

What happened in the previous chapter of the Manhwa?

Darvus asks Arthur to fight with him as he has taken it on his pride. Drogo gets concerned for Arthur as he knows about the potential Darvus holds. However, as per Darvus’ wish, he explains the rules. As the fight begins, Darvus starts showing his moves to attack Arthur, but the latter, without any difficulty, dodges all the attacks. Initially, Arthur punches Darvus in his gut, and after that, Darvus releases multiple attacks on him.

Arthur again fails his attempts, and this time, without any delay, he punches Darvus continuously on different parts of his body. Due to Arthur’s speed, Darvus can’t stop him, and he falls to the ground finally. As Darvus couldn’t stand, Arthur was announced to be the winner. Everyone, including Stannard and Caria, seems to be impressed by Arthur as he defeats one of the most skilled fighters of their clan.

Later, Virion arrives, and he starts having a conversation with Arthur and Aldir. Tessia also shows up suddenly and joins them. Aldir appreciates Tessia for working on her skills.

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