The Beginning After The End Chapter 176 is about to release, so here, we bring the information regarding the release date and time of the anticipated chapter of the Manhwa.

The long-awaited Alcaryan War arc is about to begin, and fans can’t keep calm as it will show one of the biggest battles of the Manhwa. Arthur has returned after spending several years of training. Previously Arthur showed his combating skills when he killed a whole clan of the Mana Beasts. However, this time he will have to fight the most powerful army, and he also knows that he and his team have to prepare before facing the enemies.

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

When will The Beginning After the End Chapter 176 get released?

Chapter 176 of The Beginning After The End will release on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 9:00 AM PST on the official website of Tapas Media. The fanbase can follow the below time schedule to track the chapter according to their regions:

What happened in Chapter 175 of the Manhwa?

The 175th Chapter of The Beginning After The End shows Arthur trying to go outside the Palace, but the guards stop him. He pleads in front of them to let him go but still, they resist, so finally, Virion shows up and asks the guards to allow him to go wherever he wants. However, he asks Arthur not to do something stupid.

Later, we see a flashback in which young Virion and Cynthia talk about how their relationship has evolved with time; initially, the two were enemies, but soon they became best friends. Virion appreciates Cynthia for her capabilities, and he also says that he believes she can be a good mentor. So, he suggests she open an institution where he might send his descendants if he feels it’s an excellent place to learn.

Cynthia expresses her love for Xyrus City, so she decides to open an academy in the City and name it Xyrus Academy. She also says the academy will be the number one academy for the Mages.

Returning to the present, the episode shows two dark figures standing beside Cynthia’s bed and asking her to give the answers they need, and after that, she can die.

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