The Eminence In Shadow is coming with episode 8, and fans eagerly want to learn about its release date along with the time.

The last episode of the series left us in a dilemma by ending at a cliffhanger, making fans even more excited for the forthcoming episode.

The Isekai anime is based on the light novel series of the same name and has gained popularity amongst anime fans worldwide. Apart from that, the light novel The Eminence In Shadow was first published in 2018, and until now, it has published four volumes, and the next volume is scheduled to come out in December 2022.

When does The Eminence In Shadow Episode 8 Release?

The Eminence In Shadow will come out with its eighth episode on local channels in Japan, including Tokyo MX, AT-X, and BS NTV, on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 6:00 AM PST. Besides this, the anime series’ new episode will land on HIDIVE at the below times for different time zones:

What happened in the show previously?

Nu learns that Shadow of Garden is not behind the recent attacks and that some brainwashed soldiers were using Shadow of Garden’s name and executing the murders. Hence, she learns that she has to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Midgar Academy of Dark Arts’ Bushin Festival Tournament is near, and Cid wants to participate to show off his abilities and skills. While he speaks about the event, Nu misunderstands his words and starts thinking that he is somewhere connected to the Cult of Diabolos.

When the tournament begins, Cid comes across his first opponent, Rose, one of the best swordsmen in the Academy. Cid uses all his skills on her, but in the end, he gets defeated. However, seeing his determination, Rose gets impressed by him. After that, Sherry asks Cid if he is interested in being friends with her, and Cid agrees. Out of excitement, Sherry shares her happiness with her father.

When all of this was happening, the fake Shadow of Garden suddenly tried to invade the Academy. Rose tries to stop them, but she can’t, and when she is about to get hurt, Cid comes in between to save her.

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