Blue Lock episode 8 will release in a couple of days, and here, we have revealed its release schedule.

Even though the soccer-centered manga Blue Lock has been loved by fans since its first chapter, its popularity has increased even more since the anime adaptation premiered last month. The industry has mostly given us anime that follows action or comes with a supernatural story. But in Blue Lock, we are getting something different, which makes the anime exciting.

Now, fans crave the eighth episode after watching the events of Blue Lock Episode 7. So, when will the much-awaited episode make its way to the screens?

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When does Blue Lock Episode 8 come out?

Blue Lock episode 8 will release on Sunday, November 27, in Japan. However, fans residing outside Japan can stream it on Crunchyroll, and here’s the time schedule that will let you know when you can watch the episode on the streaming platform:

Chigiri stuns everyone with his incredible speed in Blue Lock Episode 7

The seventh episode of the anime titled Rush showed Team Z struggling to earn a goal against Team W.

Team Z needed a single goal to make it a tie, as Team W was ahead with one goal. Suddenly, a flashback was shown when we learned that Chigiri was the best soccer player in high school. He always looked forward to being the best striker in his country, but one injury came in the way of his dream. He did not play for years.

Coming to the current time, it gets revealed that even if he has started playing, he still needs to recover from the fear of running at the same speed he used to run earlier. However, Isagi’s determination toward the game encouraged him to give his best, and he started running when Isagi passed him the ball. His speed helped him earn the goal.

Besides the good things, we got heartbroken to see Kuon from Team Z betray the team with Team V, the team with whom Team Z has to compete next.

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