If you’ve ever wondered how much Joel aka Texas weighs, all you have to do is hop on some actual working scales implemented by Naughty Dog within the game.

Now that fans have finally got their mitts on The Last of Us Part 1, be prepared for even more insane details hidden inside its post-apocalyptic world. It just wouldn’t be a Naughty Dog game with its secrets and Easter Eggs and fortunately for players, they can jump straight onto this one in a bathroom at The Pittsburgh Hotel.

The Last of Us Part I | Announcement Trailer

The Last of Us Part I | Announcement Trailer

You may, or may not, have always wanted to know how much that prime Texas steak of a man Joel weighs. He’s certainly kept on his toes due to all those Clickers and infected wanting to take a bite out of him. Thankfully, you can find this out in the dreaded Hotel chapter – we won’t mention the basement area out of sheer terror.

Brought to our attention by Redditor Practical_Ad_7060, as you are sneaky or looting the hotel rooms, take a quick look into its bathroom too, and there you will find a working set of scales that Joel can stand on to give a real-world reading of how heavy he is, which is a fairly healthy 200 pounds. Not too bad for a grown man that’s in a dire world where food is hard to come by. Although, in fairness, he’s always carrying a backpack full of ammo, guns, and other survival equipment so it’s likely to be much less than that in reality.

Even though there are so many new details added this time around, one well-known moment has been left out in the remake. At the start of the game and as Sarah is looking for Joel in his bedroom, a cordyceps-infected ant appears on the TV screen. Whether it was a ‘bug’ or a feature, players no longer get the chance to witness it in The Last of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us Part 1 is now available to play on PlayStation 5.

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