Should the beloved show ever come to an end during Al Jean’s lifetime, he has the perfect solution for a rather satisfying ending to The Simpsons.

It’s been around for longer than most of us can remember, and will likely be on our TV screens for a good while yet. But, if and when the fateful day comes, showrunner Al Jean has explained his ideal ending for The Simpsons, and it’s probably different from how you would have imagined it.

Al Jean’s perfect ending to The Simpsons

The Simpsons is not only the longest-running animation, but the longest-running sitcom, in US history. The much-loved yellow cartoon characters snuck onto screens before the end of the 80s and are still going strong today in 2023. But, like all good things, the show will surely come to an end one day.

Discussing the inevitable possibility of The Simpsons’ departure from our lives in an interview with the Radio Times, Simpsons veteran Jean let fans know what his ideal conclusion to the show would look like.

“I mentioned that there would be an ending where the last episode, they’d be going back to the Christmas pageant from the first episode (Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire),” Jean explained, “so that the whole series was a continuous loop – that’s how I would end it, if I had to.”

So, rather than a cataclysmic event that wiped out the entirety of Springfield, or the gutwrenching, emotional death of one of the show’s main characters, Jean, who is the current co-showrunner of The Simpsons, would opt for a subtle, never-ending show finale – provided it was up to him.

Does Jean think The Simpsons will be ending soon?

It’s a question that has been on fans’ minds for years – when, if ever, will The Simpsons actually end?

Despite the fact we’ve just seen the show’s 34th season, Jean doesn’t seem to think The Simpsons is going anywhere fast. His reasoning, as he explained to the Radio Times, stems from the fact that the show is “doing really well on Disney+ in the US and the UK and other countries in the Americas.”

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“I don’t see anybody going, ‘let’s wrap it up, or figure out how to get out of it’ at the moment.” Jean continued. “I think we’re the number one scripted show in the US, and with the new episodes as well.”

Disney+ purchased the rights to Fox’s TV content for a whopping £52bn back in 2017, meaning all 34 seasons of The Simpsons are available to stream on the service.

How many more seasons will there be?

Though we don’t know how many seasons the show will have managed by the time it reaches the bitter end, we do have an idea about how the near future will look for Springfield residents.

As of January 2023, it was confirmed that Lisa, Bart, and the gang will be on our screens for at least another two years, with the show renewed through 2025.

The new Fox deal means that The Simpsons will hit at least season 36 and, barring any major changes to the production schedule, will reach the coveted 800-episode mark.

And, with the new series now scheduled to begin as early as the start of this October, fans don’t have that much longer to wait for some brand-new content from The Simpsons.

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