Two of The Witcher’s most iconic characters, Ciri and Geralt, come together as one in this incredibly detailed cosplay crossover by Mads.

Netflix’s The Witcher Season two may have ended in December but that doesn’t mean the epic fantasy series is ever far from our thoughts. Thankfully, Season three is well underway which will take fans back into the Continent once more.

As we reminisce on that cliffhanger of an ending – no spoilers here – and daydream about what could possibly be in store for Geralt, Yennefer and the fate of Ciri, cosplayer Mads treats us to a spellbinding crossover of Ciri and Geralt that we never knew we needed.

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 1 Final Trailer | Netflix

Ciri x Geralt Cosplay

Over on Reddit, cosplayer Mads proudly shows off her amazing Ciri cosplay with a twist. Instead of Ciri’s Zerrikanian outfit from The Witcher 3 or her witcheress outfit, given to her during her training in Kaer Morhen, we see Mads taking on Henry Cavill’s new Geralt attire from The Witcher Season two which boasts intricate shoulder plating and elaborate studded torso definition.

Mads is a cosplayer from France who loves bringing fictional characters to life. She began cosplaying in 2015, using closet items to mimic comic characters’ clothes. Mads started making big foam armour in 2018 and haven’t stopped since. Although foam armour is her speciality, she strives to learn more about other types of materials and technics which include sewing, LEDs, molding, casting etc.

You can check out all of her cosplays and more over on Twitter or Instagram. Although, if you fancy a more detailed explanation of how Mads made that intricate looking chainmail on the armour, take a look at this video which goes into how that was made.

The Witcher season 3 is in production, and even though we don’t have an official release date as yet, we are hoping it could land on our TV screens by December 2023 going on past releases.

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