The anticipation around Stranger Things season 5 is sky-high. Among other thrilling things, the upcoming season will also feature a time jump. Ever since the news about the time jump has surfaced, fans have been making their theories about how it could be executed.

Stranger Things season 4 ended on a high note. The nerve-wracking finale the upside-down opening up for the world to see. This left many fans fearing that the hellish dimension would eventually engulf Hawkins into it. While not much is revealed about the show’s fifth season, we do know that it will feature a confirmed time jump.

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Stranger Things season 5 to have a confirmed time jump

Speaking to TVLine in 2022 the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer opened up about season 5 having a time jump. “I’m sure we will do a time jump,” they said. The showrunners also shared how they desired to film seasons 4 and 5 back to back. However, they could not find a feasible way to do it.

The Netflix sci-fi show is no stranger to time jumps but they have not been very significant. Season 1 takes place in November 1983 and season 2 starts 11 months later in October 1984. For the third season, we jump nine months ahead to July 1985.

Finally, season 4 takes place in March 1986, which is eight months from the Battle of Starcourt. In the meantime, Will and El’s family have been living in California for five months already when the new season starts.

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Clues that the time jump could be backwards

Stranger Things fans think that the previous seasons showed us clues about how the upcoming time jump would not just be forward but also backward. notes that there have been both subtle and not-so-subtle clues showing that the show could feature a backward time jump.

One of the clues is that in season 4’s seventh episode, Nancy realizes that the Upside Down is stuck in the past. The past means the exact date that Will Byers disappeared. This acts as one of the major clues and also a potential answer to how to defeat Vecna.

On top of this Noah Schnapp who played Will on the show stated in an interview with Forbes that “Stranger Things “…began with Will and will end with Will.” Screenrant argues that his statement makes the backward jump theory more believable. This means that the gang might have to jump back in time to defeat Vecna.

The theory also becomes more plausible when you think of how season 4 ended. The season ended with the upside-down opening up to the world. This means that there isn’t enough breathing room for the characters to do a forward time jump instantly. They cannot leave Hawkins and the world at Vecna’s hands. Hence going to the past may be the key there too.

Season 4 also showed how skilfully the show could use VFX when they de-aged Eleven to show her scenes with One aka Vecna.

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