Titans season 4, episode 3 marks the entry of a new villain Jinx, but the live-action Jinx doesn’t look like the one in DC comics.

The Titans were already dealing with a lot of drama, and now they have one more in the form of the sorceress Jinx. She entered into the picture when Dick and Kory went to the prison to take her help on the ongoing issue. Jinx has contacts in the criminal world and the black magic circle, so Dick approaches her to find out about Mother Mayhem and her powers.

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

How is Jinx in Titans Season 4 different from that in the comics

Created by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton, Jinx debuted in 1985s Tales of the Teen Titans #56. In the comics, Jinx is a bald woman who doesn’t wear footwear because when her foot touches the ground, she can use her powers more efficiently. However, in the Titans season 4, Jinx comes with a modern touch; she wears clothes like every girl, has red hair, and always wears shoes. The series gives us a glimpse of her powers when she escapes the prison by removing her left foot from her shoes and touching the ground.

Besides this, in the comics, Jinx has no romantic connection with Dick, aka Nightwing. However, the television show indicates a past relationship between the two (Well, Yes! Our beloved Nightwing has a history with everyone).

What powers does Jinx possess?

Despite the character design and connection with Dick, several things remained the same in the comics and the TV series. Jinx’s powers and weaknesses are kept accurate to the source material.

Jinx can manipulate the nearby elements, like manipulating the security beams in Titans season 4, and make way for her to pass. Secondly, by touching the ground with her feet, she can create a whirlwind, which we also saw in the TV series. Besides these, her elemental abilities include releasing energy blasts, creating wind bursts, and making illusions. She can also sense danger before something wrong is about to happen.

Jinx didn’t come clear with all her powers in the HBO Max series yet. To learn more about her potential, stay tuned to the new episodes of Titans season 4 that release every Thursday.

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