Titans season 4 showed the transformation of Raven/Rachel when she gets attacked by Mother Mayhem. The attack makes her unconscious, removes the gem from her forehead, and makes her hair white. Raven’s new transformation is called White Raven and if you are intrigued to know more about her new form, then be with us.

Titans season 4 has some callous villains, including Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx. At the beginning of the new season, Lex Luthor also seemed to be one of the antagonists, but after his death, we learned he was here for a short period. However, the other antagonist, Mother Mayhem, had her first encounter with the Titans in Episode 2 of the new season, and she even caused damage to them, especially Raven, making her White Raven.

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

Who is DC’s White Raven?

White Raven is the robust version of Raven. She has appeared several times in Teen Titans as White Raven. Out of the other forms, Raven is the strongest when she is in her white form. Apart from this, Raven’s powers are at their peak when she feels overwhelming emotions.

In the comic books, Raven has used her White transformation four times; in each instance, she is mighty. In fact, this transformation is so powerful that even Raven doesn’t know the full extent of her abilities. In one scenario, Raven unleashed lightening out of her body without realizing that she could do that. Also, in DC comics, Raven flexes a different costume with her white transformation. So, we can expect the TV show to take the same route. However, it will be a whole before we see Raven fully embracing her new transformation.

The Titan is already influential in her original form as she inherits her power from her evil father, Trigon. She has successfully fought several nemeses with her group. But now, as Mother Mayhem has awakened her most potent form, there are chances that we will see her in a primary role in the fourth season of Titans.

The Church of Blood worships Trigon and wants him to make them more powerful, so now, getting free from the influence of her father, Raven may fight the evil forces more accurately. The newest version of the hero can be the most powerful enemy Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood might have faced.

Moreover, the consequences of this instance may bring Trigon in the Titans season 4, and Raven may be the one to fight him and his followers.

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