Lex Luthor is one of the permanent enemies of Superman. When fans learned about the DC villain’s appearance in Titans season 4, they thought he would be the main antagonist in the TV show. However, seeing his death in the first episode of the series hints towards a scarier villain’s existence in the world of Titans.

The premiere episode of Titans season 4 brings our beloved superheroes back to our screens; on the other side, it also comes with dangerous criminals, with whom the young heroes’ have to fight. Lex Luthor is one such bad guy, but seeing him die, fans wonder who could have murdered him.

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

Titans | Season 4 Official Teaser | HBO Max

Who is behind Lex Luthor’s death in Titans Season 4?

Initially, in the premiere episode, we met Mother Mayhem in the form of Ms. Benett, an associate of Lex Luthor. She worked on a project for an artifact with Luthor, but when the project was successful, Luthor fired her. Undoubtedly, Benett sought revenge on him, so when Lex died getting choked in his own blood, Mother Mayhem was at the location. Well, she’s the one who killed Luthor.

Season 4 of Titans kicks off from where Season 3 ended. The Titans are having a good time at a bowling Alley. Suddenly Dick gets a call from Bruce Banner, who informs him that Superman wants to meet Conner Kent. He also told him that STAR labs could also help the rest of the Titans polish their powers. However, unfortunately, Superman left for an emergency before the heroes’ arrival, leaving a note for Conner.

After exploring the lab, when the Titans were leaving Metropolis, Lex contacted them, asking Conner to meet him. Everyone gets suspicious about his plan, so Starfire approaches Lex, where she spies on him, due to which Tim and Dick are able to hack his computer system. However, nobody can make a fool of him, so he sends some ninjas after Tim and Drake.

A part of the episode also showed Sabastian, who was dealing with his own sinister things. Later, when Conner goes to meet Luthor, after having a conversation with him, Luthor starts coughing. Suddenly, he coughs blood, and from his mouth, a giant snake pops out. When the snake moves toward Conner, the superboy killed it. However, he gets arrested for murdering Lex while sitting beside the lifeless body.

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