Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 11 will get released soon, and here, we talk about the episode’s exact release schedule.

Previously, we see Takemichi and Hina patching up again as the latter comes to know the real reason for their breakup. She also learned that Takemichi isn’t the one who should be blamed for anything. Apart from the people of Toman rejoice after Black Dragon’s defeat on Christmas.

The preview of the upcoming episode suggests that we will now see the first-ever official meeting of the Tokyo Manji Gang members. So, let’s now talk about when will the full episode come out for streaming.

When does Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 11 release?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 11 will release on TV Tokyo, MBS, and TV Aichi at 2:00 AM JST on Sunday, March 19, 2023. The rest of the world can stream the episode with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, following the below provided time schedule:

Pacific Time: 10:08 AM (March 18th)
Mountain Time: 11:08 AM (March 18th)
Central Time: 12:08 PM (March 18th)
Eastern Time: 1:08 PM (March 18th)
British Time: 5:08 PM (March 18th)
European Time: 6:08 PM (March 18th)
Indian Time: 10:38 PM (March 18th)

What happened in the anime series last time?

The tenth episode of Tokyo Revengers shows Hina coming to know that Takemichi did not want to break up with her; in fact, it was her father who emotionally blackmailed him to go away from Hina’s life. Heartbroken, Hina comes across Emma in Shrine. Emma asks her about the issue. After learning everything, Emma asks Draken to find Takemichi

Takemichi cries in front of Hina and asks her to come back into his life, and Hina agrees. Later, Draken tells Mickey that he feels Takemichi is like the latter’s older brother. Mikey takes Takemichi for a bike ride. On the way, Mikey talks about his brother, and suddenly, he asks Takemichi to help him whenever he becomes restless.

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