HiDive has just confirmed its Spring 2023 anime line up alongside a fascinating new partnership deal with Sentai Filmworks and MBS.

Crunchyroll may remain the dominant anime streaming platform for the majority of fans outside Japan, but the revitalized HiDive service continues to entice viewers to start a subscription.

Over the rest of 2023, the platform is expected to see a significant rise in both active subscribers, promotion, and exclusive titles; thanks to a recently announced partnership with Sentai and MBS.

More good news is that HiDive has now revealed some new titles that are set to release for OTT streaming this Spring, including Insomniacs After School and Too Cute Crisis.

HiDive confirms Spring 2023 anime line up

As the 2023 Winter anime slate begins to wrap up, HiDive has now revealed five more major anime titles that fans can look forward to in the Spring, in addition to Oshi no Ko and The Dangers in My Heart.

HiDive president John Ledford shared in the press release that “We’re thrilled to bring this exciting slate of new simulcast series to HIDIVE this spring.”

“From comedy and fantasy to drama and sci-fi, HIDIVE will be home to some of the best sh?nen, sh?jo and seinen anime premiering in Japan next season. Fans will not want to miss a minute of it.”

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion

Alice Gear Aegis Expansion tells the story of humanity and its fight for survival, after an invasion from a race of mechanized aliens called the Vice forced the population to abandon Earth.

Now, it’s up to a very special group of young women to fight back the Vice and reclaim Earth for humanity; known as Actresses.

These girls may look cute and cuddly, but they are far from pushovers, being the only ones who can wield powerful mech suits called Alice Gears; can the Actresses use their new-era weapons to save the world?

Insomniacs After School

Insomniacs After School tells the story of Ganta Nakami, a high school student who suffers from severe insomnia which only gets worse following the mysterious death of a classmate.

Ganta finds solace in the middle of the night at the school’s observatory, but ends up stumbling on the rebellious Isaki Magari; a female student who also suffers from insomnia.

Their unlikely friendship will see them explore the stars, the death of their classmate, and the impact that insomnia can have on student life.

Otaku Elf

Otaku Elf tells the story of Koito Koganei, who is in charge of maintenance at the popular Takamimi Shrine…and its rather unusual deity; an ancient Elf called Elda who is obsessed with modern video games.

Whilst Elda has plenty of jobs to take care of, the Elf is reluctant to put down her games console, even when evil begins to stir nearby.

Thankfully, Koito is determined to keep Elda both entertained and focused on her magical job, it just might take a bribe or two in the meantime.

Tokyo Mew Mew New season 2

The sequel series to the popular Tokyo Mew Mew New anime sees a team of heroines being created using the DNA of various endangered species.

One of these heroines is Ichigo, who has the skills of an Iriomote cat and must team up with other girls to defend her planet from an alien invasion.

Too Cute Crisis

Too Cute Crisis tells the story of Liza Luna, a powerful alien who has traveled across the galaxy in the hopes of destroying the Earth.

However, before she decides to annihilate the planet, she decides to do some sightseeing and ends up in a cat café in Japan…

Fortunately for humanity, playing with these cute kittens is stirring something in Luna, who begins to doubt her ultimate, destructive mission.

HiDive announces major deal with AMC and MBS

HiDive recently announced a major partnership deal with AMC Networks’ Sentai Filmworks and Mainichi Broadcasting System that will bring new and exclusive anime content to the platform over the next several years.

In a press release, HiDive shared how the platform will be streaming all MBS’s future content and that the new deal represents “Sentai’s largest ever agreement for anime content and encompasses MBS’ slate based on a collection of wildly popular manga and light novel titles.”

John Ledford, President of HIDIVE, acknowledged how “This is a truly historic agreement for HIDIVE and is the culmination of our partnership with MBS”, adding that the platform will be streaming The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen series in July 2023.

“This output deal cements Sentai’s position as one of the world’s most established and leading suppliers of popular and high-quality anime content. But not only that, The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: from Villainess to Savior and the other series will significantly elevate HIDIVE’s reputation with fans as not only the new go-to anime streaming platform but also as the pipeline to some of Japan’s most highly anticipated titles.”

MBC Director Shinji Nakano, would share that the company was “pleased to partner with Sentai Filmworks, HIDIVE, and AMC Networks, a group that plays a huge part in this effort to further expand anime culture.” Adding, “We are accelerating our commitment to bringing anime to people around the world, without ever stopping our journey.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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