Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 is the penultimate chapter of the popular manga. The author has recently confirmed that the manga will end with chapter 278. Learning this, fans aren’t happy as they wanted their favorite manga to continue for a while.

Even though chapter 277 had a happy ending, fans aren’t exactly happy with how Takemichi’s story ended. That’s because the manga brings some of the dead characters back to life which makes no sense to most fans.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 features Takemichi and Mikey at the center stage

Tokyo Revengers chapter 277 showed Takemichi dead and Mikey wanting him to return back to life. As Mikey’s teardrops touch Takemichi’s lifeless body, he finds himself in another world where he sees someone who looks like Takemichi.

Mikey and Takemichi don’t recognize each other because they do not know they have traveled back in time. Suddenly, Takemichi shouted Mikey’s name, but the latter did not believe that Takemichi was standing in front of him. Meanwhile, seeing the duo Shinichiro, Emma, Sanzu, and Baji get confused about what’s happening.

Mikey and Takemichi were also unaware of the current state, but then Mikey recalled that as Takemichi died, he intensely prayed that Takemichi would wake up. In contrast, Takemichi said that as he was giving up on his life, Mikey’s tears were the last thing he saw, so he also strongly wished to return back to his friend. Hence, they both ended up traveling 12 years back in time.

While they were overwhelmed, Mikey asked Takemichi about his plans, and the latter said that he did not have anyone since the beginning, and now he has Mikey.

Mikey says this will be their perfect revenge, and after that, we see Baji saying that they will start a motorcycle gang, and, Takemichi asks him to involve one of his friends named Kisaki Tetta in the gang. Later, Mikey and Takemichi save The Shiba Family, and then we are taken 11 years ahead in time, where the chapter concludes by showing a ringing bell in the church. Also, the text under the panel says that the upcoming chapter will be the last.

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