Tomo-Chan is a Girl! episode 5 will come out soon, and here’s everything about its release schedule that you must know.

The anime series Tomo-Chan is a Girl! is one of those series that falls perfectly under the rom-com genre. It gained popularity amongst anime enthusiasts because of its perfect timing of romance and hilarious moments. Moreover, fans can’t stop talking about how the anime features its character getting developed step by step.

When does Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Episode 5 release?

TV Tokyo and the other local channels of Japan will broadcast the fifth episode of Tomo-Chan is a Girl! on Wednesday, February 5, 2023, at 12:30 AM JST. On the other side, the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll will stream the English dubbed and subbed version of the episode following the release timings depending on your region. For instance, some regions of the world will get the new episode of the anime on January 31, 2023, and some will get it on February 1, 2023. Here’s the time schedule that every fan across the globe can follow:

What happened in the previous episode of the anime?

Tanabe wonders if he could see Misuzu smile, so he discusses the same with Jun, who tells him that Misuzu often smiles when she talks to him. Later, Tanabe meets Misuzu, and the latter straightforwardly asks him if he likes her. When Tanabe agrees to it, Misuzu asks him to confess his feelings to her in a better way so that she can reject his proposal with a smile.

Later, Tomo asks Misuzu if she is attracted to Jun, to which she says no. As Tomo is in the process of trying what it feels like to be girly, she asks Misuzu if she can hug her, but Misuzu denies doing it. Carol approaches Tomo and offers her a hug. After hugging her, Carol is surprised to see how soft Tomo’s touch feels.

The next day, when Tomo tries to talk to Misuzu, she learns that Misuzu is still mad at her. When Carol meets Misuzu, after knowing the entire thing, she finds Misuzu at fault. Later, Misuzu apologizes to Tomo for being cold toward her.

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