Tomo-Chan is a Girl! heads toward episode 6, and here, we bring all the information we have, for the upcoming episode.

Previously, in the anime, we saw Jun and Tomo getting stuck in an awkward situation when the former invited the latter for a sleepover at his place. The tomboyish Tomo always had feelings for Jun, but Jun never considered her more than his best friend. However, the fifth episode showed Jun making efforts to spend more time with Tomo. Hopefully, we might see the duo start dating each other soon, and the thought of seeing them together as a couple makes us excited for the next episodes of the animated series.

When will Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Episode 6 get released?

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! episode 6 will come out on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at 7:30 AM PST. In Japan, the series will be broadcasted by the local networks on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 12:30 AM. Besides that, the below release time schedule will let you know when the series will get released in different time zones:

What happened last time in the anime?

Carol invites Misuzu and Tomo to her house in free time. When the duo reaches the location provided to them, they meet Carol’s mother, who gives them a tour of their house. Seeing the entire property, Tomo was curious to know if Carol is a princess. Later, Carol and Tomo played a game in which the former won. Misuzu believes that she can beat Carol easily in the game, so she starts playing, but unfortunately, Carol wins this time as well.

The next day, Jun asks Tomo if she wants to play her favorite video game with him. He also says that she can stay at his home at night as they have a day off the next day. Initially, Tomo is a bit hesitant, so she asks her parents if she can spend the night at Jun’s house, to which she gets a positive response.

That night, Jun and Tomo played the video game for several hours, the two also planned that none of them would sleep the whole night, but Jun ended up sleeping. Later, he also wrapped his arms around Tomo in sleep, and the next day both of them learned that they were sleeping in the same position the entire night. After that, Tomo decides to go home immediately without exchanging a sentence with Jun.

One day, Tomo realizes that she has forgotten about the mid-term exams. Seeing her nervous, Jun says he can help her study, but Misuzu came in between and says she can help her score more marks. However, in the end, Tomo got more marks than Jun, Misuzu, and Carol.

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