K-Pop stars are known for showcasing different styles during different music eras. From stunning visuals to outstanding performance, they always make sure to ‘serve.’ If you’re wondering which of the K-Pop idols’ long hair looks caused a frenzy, we’ve got you covered.

K-Pop culture has taken the world by storm and became a phenomenon of its own over the last few years. From BTS breaking and making massive records to Stray Kids leading the 4th gen era, the talented groups are bringing their A-game to the global platform.

In this industry, releasing new music is not limited to producing, performing, and releasing an album. There are a whole lot of processes and factors involved before a group makes its comeback. This includes the concept, which basically means the overall look and aesthetic that the artists will be showcasing during a certain era.

As the stars experiment with different styles and look during each comeback, some manage to leave a lasting impression on fans. In this article, we explore stars who impressed fans with their long hair look.

K-Pop male idols who rock the long hair look

Now, we present you with the best of K-Pop idols’ long hair guise that made them go viral and made them look exceptionally good.

15. Ni-ki from ENHYPEN

Ni-ki won hearts with his blonde long hair look during Enhypen’s Dimension Dilemma era.

14. Seonghwa from ATEEZ

Seonghwa flaunted the stunning look during ATEEZ’s Deja Vu era.

13. Johnny from NCT 127

Johnny switches up his hair from time to time. However, it looks like the long blonde look is slowly becoming his staple style.

12. Beomgyu from TXT

Beomgyu went viral for reviving the ‘wolf cut’ during TXT’s Loser Lover era.

11. Yuta from NCT 127

For Yuta, long hair is his signature style. And he absolutely rocks it!

10. I.M from Monsta X

I.M aka Changkyun with long hair adds more charisma to his dapper personality.

9. Ten from WayV

Ten impressed the fans with this capturing look during WayV’s recent comeback with Phantom.

8. Jay B from GOT7

Jay B showcased the enthralling look during GOT7’s 2022 comeback.

7. Felix from Stray Kids

Felix unveiled his brand new warrior avatar during Stray Kids’ Thunderous era.

6. Mingyu from SEVENTEEN

Mingyu sent fans into a meltdown with his recent appearance at a Chanel event. He flaunted his long hair in an all-black fit.

5. V from BTS

BTS fans got a glimpse of V aka Kim Taehyung’s long hairstyle during the Butter era. And since, they’ve been wanting to see the icon in this look again.

4. Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN star Jeonghan recently sent the fans into a frenzy when he debuted long hair during the Paris Fashion Week.

3. Jungkook from BTS

From BTS’ Butter era to FIFA World Cup 2022 track Dreamers, Jungkook is totally rocking the long locks.

2. Suga from BTS

Suga aka Min Yoongi from BTS has continued to make fans swoon over his mysterious photoshoot.

1. Hyunjin from Stray Kids

It’s safe to say that the K-Pop fandom will never recover from Hyunjin’s beautiful ponytail and hairband era.

By Shriya Swami – [email protected]

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