When will Trigun Stampede episode 3 get released? Here’s every detail about the upcoming chapter’s release that you might be looking for.

Trigun is a manga series that was originally published in 1995, and in 1998, it got its first anime adaptation which was animated by Madhouse. Later, the franchise came up with a feature film in 2010. And now, another animated series produced by CG Studio Orange and directed by Kenji Muto is entertaining fans worldwide. The series has already given us two episodes, and now it’s all set to release the third episode.

When will Trigun Stampede Episode 3 air?

Trigun Stampede episode 3 will release on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at 8:30 AM PST on Crunchyroll. The following time schedule should be followed by people residing in different areas of the world:

Here’s the preview trailer for the third episode of Trigun Stampede:

What happened in the previous episode?

Vash reveals in front of Meryl and Roberto that he is innocent and that his brother has committed all the crimes. However, due to the lack of evidence, he couldn’t convince them to trust him blindly. Meanwhile, Jeneora Rock’s people attack Vash, claiming the bounty on him. Meryl and Roberto help Vash to run from the people.

While numerous people were already chasing Vash and claiming the bounty on him, the Nebraska family also joined and started chasing him. After getting frustrated, the Nebraska family steals the PLANT from Jeneora Rock. Vash requests them to do whatever they want to do with him, but they shall return the PLANT to the people of Jeneora Rock, as without it, the people will not survive.

Suddenly, the building on which they stood fell, and everyone’s life got at risk, but Vash asked everyone to help each other. They all came out of the situation, but a strange thing comes in the way and explodes.

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