Attack on Titan is nearing its end but it may not be the same for the characters. Recently, two characters from the hit anime Attack On Titan made a cameo in a well-known Chinese series.

Anime fans have followed Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, and Mikasa Ackerman’s journey ever since the show made its debut in 2013. Since then, the lives of this trio have changed tremendously. While fans of the anime and manga are currently waiting for a new season, you would be happy to know that the two characters from Attack on Titan made a surprise appearance in well-known Chinese anime.

Two Attack on Titan characters make a cameo

In Chinese anime named The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Mikasa, and Eren make a surprise cameo. The duo can be seen in season 2 episode 3 of the show.

Mikasa is spotted in her signature look with her maroon scarf and beige blazer while Eren is seen wearing a white shirt and pants.

It looks like the creators wanted to bring some familiar characters into the scene as some fans pointed out that an older Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Orga Itsuka from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans also make an appearance.

Are the two shows connected in any way?

No, the two shows are not connected, and neither do they exist in the same universe. The Daily Life of Immortal King or Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo follows the life of Wang Ling who possesses great power within him.

In a world where your power defines your status, Wang decides to hide his true potential with the help of an amulet as he fears he could destroy the world.

The lighthearted anime follows Wang’s daily life as he tackles high school and his everyday life.

Where to watch The Daily Life of Immortal King

You can watch The Daily Life of Immortal King on Netflix. It’s also available on Crunchyroll.

There are currently three seasons of the show. Season one featured 15 episodes, followed by 12 in the second series. Season three released in 2022 and also featured 12 episodes.

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