One Piece episode 1071 ‘review bombed’ as Attack on Titan fan account claims to have created 300 new accounts to troll Gear 5.

One Piece’s history-making anime episode was always going to be ‘review bombed’ in some capacity, but the creation of hundreds of fake accounts is anime Fandom toxicity at its worst.

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Gear 5 episode 1071 makes history for One Piece anime

If the reason why One Piece episode 1071 has gone viral wasn’t obvious, it was the official anime debut of Luffy’s new Gear 5 form, an awakened power that makes our hero one of the most overpowered characters in the entire series, as well as the debut of the first ending theme song in 17 years.

Before its premiere, One Piece episode 1071 was expected to ‘break the internet’ and that it certainly did: more than 260,000 live tweets in 24 hours, trending Number One worldwide, and even repeatedly crashing the Crunchyroll Media Player.

Meeting the expectations of such a global fanbase is incredibly difficult in the modern anime industry, yet Toei Animation has managed to surpass this suspense with easily one of the best One Piece episodes to date; perhaps even the best of the series so far.

Unfortunately, it’s also apparent that the episode has been subject to an intentional attack by anime fans from different communities – not for any meaningful critique of the animation or storytelling quality, but as a means to ‘review bomb’ this landmark moment.

For those unaware, the definition of ‘Review Bombing’ is: “to manipulate an online rating system with a semi-organized campaign of unfavorable user reviews, often as a general statement of disapproval for a creator, a publisher, or other business, rather than a genuine opinion about a specific product or experience.”

Attack on Titan fan claims creation of 300 ‘review bombing’ accounts

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that One Piece episode 1071 was going to get review bombed; however, the extent to which trolls are going to sabotage global fan rankings continues to both impress and depress.

Over the past 24 hours, a tweet from an Attack on Titan fan account has gone viral online, claiming that they created over 300 new accounts in order to intentionally review bomb One Piece episode 1071.

The account, which has over 114,000 followers, tweeted in the build up to the 1071 premiere: “Just finished creating more than 300 emails to prepare for the One Piece episode and evaluate it 1 [out of 10].” This tweet has been viewed almost two million times.

At the time of writing on August 7, One Piece episode 1071 is being rated at a 9.1/10 on IMDB with over 31,000 reviews, with almost 7% of the total reviews being at a 1/10 level, although exact figures are subject to change:

From this data, it’s obvious that the vast majority of users picked either the 10/10 or the 1/10 option; a typical mainstay for any ‘review bombed’ title breakdown.

However, this also throws up another issue with ‘review padding’, considered to be the opposite of review bombing when a global community intentionally overvalues a particular title or episode in order to manipulate an overall rating system.

Whilst anime fandoms are certainly some of the most divisive and ‘enthusiastic’ communities in the online sphere, both review bombing and padding are nothing new to the industry.

Frustratingly, this means that it’s a rather hypocritical opinion to claim that ‘review bombing’ is negatively impacting a response when the same community is guilty of doing the exact opposite, padding, under the same moral compass.

Thankfully, online ratings in this manner hold very little value to either production companies or general fans as a whole these days: as long as those individuals who work on anime titles aren’t doxed or personally attacked by fans in the same way.

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