Which US cities will Japanese rock band SiM be playing in their upcoming Jackpot Juicer tour and when will the new album release?

Following an outstanding year of success for the band in 2022 thanks to their Attack on Titan spotlight, Japanese rock band SiM are back with a brand new single ahead of their next US tour – here is everything that fans need to know.

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SiM reveals new single ‘Do The Dance’ ahead of US tour

In a press release shared on July 27, SiM’s second single ‘Do The Dance’ was revealed from their upcoming album, Playdead, set to be released worldwide on September 27.

The new single is described as an “aggressive song that is the quintessential SiM” blending ska music with “heavy and danceable riffs” as well as “powerful” and “uplifting” melodies.

The Playdead album includes Attack on Titan’s The Rumbling and Under the Tree, as well as the song ‘Red’ which will be included in season 2 of the Kengan Ashura anime – set to premiere via Netflix on September 21.

The Rumbling was previously included in the Beware EP, which was released in September 2022, with the Playdead studio album reported to feature an orchestral version of the song, as well as an extended version of Under the Tree.

Both songs were used in Attack on Titan’s final season and have, each within their own right, become some of the most popular anime tracks of all time: The Rumbling official music video has over 46 million views, with Under the Tree adding a further 11 million views.

Fans can pre-save links for SiM’s Do The Dance here, with a Spotify link for Red already available online.

Every US city on SiM’s first US tour since AOT Under the Tree

SiM will be touring the US alongside fellow bands Dance Gavin Dance, Rain City Drive, and Within Destruction under ‘The Jackpot Juicer US Tour’ banner starting on August 24.

The full list of US cities and tour dates includes:

Tickets are available via the sim.komi.io platform.

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