Vinland Saga‘s latest story shows the tragic death of King Harald, who is the elder brother of King Canute. However, it’s clear that it wasn’t a natural death. So, is it Canute who has poisoned his own brother? Let’s find out.

Initially, Canute was shown as one of the timidest characters in Vinland Saga. Slowly, the character showed a drastic change that every fan enjoyed. From a person who always hid behind his chief retainer, Ragnar, to being transformed into a cunning and manipulative King, we have seen it all. In fact, he became the reason behind Thorfinn’s meaningless life as he killed the only person Thorfinn wanted to kill with his hands to avenge his father’s death.

Did Canute kill King Harald?

Yes, Canute is the one who killed his elder brother by poisoning him. King Harald was the conqueror of Denmark, while Canute was England’s Conquerer. But Canute aimed to Conquer Denmark too, that was not possible until King Harald’s demise. Moreover, Harald didn’t have an heir, so after his demise, Canute was supposed to be the one to become his successor. Hence, Canute did not think twice before killing him as he had become someone who could do anything to achieve his goal.

In the tenth episode of the anime, we see Canute visiting his brother, who was taking his last breath. The episode also shows that Canute was seeing a dead King Sweyn over and over, who was asking him to commit his crime. Finally, Canute admitted in front of him that the world could not have two kings, so he did not have another option than to kill King Harald. After hearing this, King Sweyn says that it’s a curse of the crown that will make him suffer more compared to Harald’s suffering.

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