If you fancy a break from superheroes galore or a surplus of horror, Suzume is the sort of fantastical alternative we recommend, and coming up, we discuss the worm’s meaning and explain the ending of the anime movie.

Since fans are convinced that Makoto Shinkai is establishing a shared universe in his films, we explained if Suzume was related to Your Name and if Studio Ghibli was involved.

Written and directed by Shinkai and distributed by Toho, the anime fantasy, Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari), follows the titular high school student who meets a mysterious young man who is tasked with preventing disasters in Japan.

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for Suzume**

Suzume ending explained

After Sota became the keystone in Tokyo, Suzume traveled with Serizawa, and Tamaki to her hometown in order to enter the Ever-After from the door she previously passed through as a child – her only way of entering the dimension to save Sota.

Upon locating the door in her hometown, Suzume passed through the door with Daijin and located Sota, only to pull him from the worm. Suzume wanted to replace Sota as the keystone herself, but Daijin ended up returning to the position instead in order to stop the worm from escaping.

After Sota turned human again, Suzume then reunited with her younger self in the Ever-After and comforted her as she searched for her mother. It was previously revealed that young Suzume and her mother were caught in a devastating tsunami, which presumably killed the mother.

Suzume and Sota then exited the Ever-After and returned to their normal lives, where the former returned to school and the latter continued his work as a Closer.

The protagonist stands in front of a door in a body of water within an abandoned building in a white shirt and green skirt in Suzume
Suzume – Cr. Crunchyroll Brasil, YouTube

What does the worm represent in Suzume?

The worm represents the unstoppable force behind natural disasters, mirroring the real-life catastrophes that occur in Japan today.

Japan constantly experiences earthquakes of all magnitudes, and depending on their severity, they can often trigger tsunamis as well.

Suzume’s worm is a poetic and fantastical explanation of why these disasters occur in Japan, but the worm is never depicted as an evil force hellbent on destroying the country.

Instead, the worm is showcased as a powerful but impartial force that is simply following its nature, much like the various natural disasters of the world, including floods, landslides, and tornados.

These disasters are simply a part of the Earth and we have perceived them to be evil or brought about as a sort of punishment because of the impact they have on human lives, however, Suzume implies that these “disasters” are simply existing just like us.

The protagonist is wearing a white shirt pushing a door closed while dark matter engulfs her in Suzume
Suzume – Cr. Crunchyroll Brasil, YouTube

Meet the cast of Suzume

Voicing the protagonist is Japanese actor, Nanoka Hara, who has previously appeared in the shows Guilty Flag and Night Doctor.

Playing Sota is Hokuto Matsumura, who has starred in the series Red Eyes and the movies Liar x Liar and XxxHolic.

Voice actors representing the English dubbed version of Suzume include Nichole Sakura, Josh Keaton, Jennifer Sun Bell, and Roger Craig Smith.

Below, we have listed the full Japanese cast of Suzume:

Where to watch Suzume

The only place you’ll be able to watch Suzume currently is in your local theatres worldwide.

Most movies honor a minimum 45-day exclusive window in cinemas before arriving on the streaming platform, and Suzume is expected to follow the same pattern.

After it ends its cinema run, Suzume is expected to arrive on Crunchyroll, as the company is responsible for distributing the movie alongside Sony Pictures and Wild Bunch International.

Additionally, Suzume is also expected to become available on Prime Video, Apple TV, and YouTube to rent or buy.

By Jo Craig – jo.cra[email protected]

Suzume is now in theatres worldwide.

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