Social media is currently alight with talk of Spider-Man: Lotus and its recent threat of cancellation, but many Spidey fans are still in the dark about what the project is.

We explain what Spider-Man: Lotus is, reveal why the project may be cancelled, and see what Spidey fans are saying about it online.

Despite Spider-Man: Lotus using the Marvel Comics’ character name, the project is in no way affiliated to Marvel Studios or Sony.

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

What is Spider-Man: Lotus?

Spider-Man: Lotus is a fan film created and directed by Gavin J. Konop and written by Konop, Sean Thomas Reid, and Warden Wayne.

The official synopsis for Spider-Man: Lotus is as follows, revealed by the project’s IMDB page:

“Following the tragic death of his former girlfriend – seemingly caused by his own attempt to save her – Peter Parker (Warden Wayne) lingers in his guilt of the past, questioning whether the curse of his alter ego should be buried for good. When he’s met by the news that a terminally ill child has requested to meet Spider-Man, Peter contemplates the decision to comfort him in his final days.”

The first poster for the fan film was released in August 2021 and it is scheduled to release sometime in 2022, however, the project is now getting unwanted attention and is at risk of being cancelled.

spiderman lotus poster

Why the film may be cancelled

Spider-Man: Lotus is at risk of being cancelled because writer and actor Warden Wayne is currently under fire for racist social media posts.

Wayne serves as a writer on the project and also stars as the titular Spider-Man, Peter Parker.

On June 18, 2022, Wayne received backlash once old tweets of his resurfaced and was shared across social media.

One day later, Wayne issued a statement on Twitter addressing the posts:

“Years ago when I was in high school, I used to say terrible things. I used offensive language, often homophobic or racially insensitive, casually or in jokes. I am sorry, and I’m ashamed.”

Spidey fans have their say

Many Spider-Man fans are calling for the project to be cancelled amid Warden Wayne’s controversy, and this fan stated that they felt bad for the people who donated money to fuel the project’s completion:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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