Everybody’s talking about M3GAN, and the creepy doll will be the one to kickstart the horror genre in 2023. We reveal what the M3GAN trailer song is below.

M3GAN will eventually come to the streaming service, Peacock, which exists under Universal’s umbrella. The horror is expected to serve a 90-day cinema run before a streaming release date is announced.

Directed by Gerard Johnstone, following a story by Akela Cooper and James Wan, the science-fiction horror, M3GAN (pronounced Megan) is a title released under Blumhouse Productions following roboticist, Gemma, who develops a Model 3 Generative Android to serve as a best friend to her recently adopted niece. However, the doll turns from friend to foe when it becomes self-aware.

What is the M3GAN Trailer Song?

The M3GAN trailer song is It’s Nice To Have A Friend by Taylor Swift, which was included in the horror’s official trailer.

The song was released in August 2019 and appears on Swift’s album, Lover, using a sample sung by students from the Regent Park School of Music in Toronto, Canada.

The track describes childhood friends who grow up to get married, but in M3GAN’s case, it focuses on the intensity between the doll and her subject, Cady.

The second trailer for M3GAN featured the track Dolls by Bella Poarch.

M3GAN Soundtrack

The M3GAN score is composed by Promising Young Woman and How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming musician Anthony Willis.

Back Lot Music recently released the first instrumental track from the horror, titled On the Subject of Death.

M3GAN is also expected to house a few other popular songs on its soundtrack to accompany Willis’ score.

M3GAN Release Date and Cast

M3GAN is scheduled to release in theatres on Friday, January 6, 2023.

Megan the doll is voiced by American actor Jenna Davis, most notably known from Disney’s Raven’s Home.

M3GAN also welcomes Get Out star Allison Williams and Violet McGraw from The Haunting of Hill House fame.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s, Ronny Chieng, will also be a part of the cast too, however, his character remains a secret for now.

Below, we have included the cast list for M3GAN:

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