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What is the Meaning of Prometheus? 1899's Lost Boat Explained

**Warning – Major spoilers ahead for 1899**

Following the success of Netflix’s Dark, the streaming platform commissioned another mystery in 1899, and since the initial story revolves around a missing boat, the Prometheus meaning is something we explain.

1899 has not been brought in as a miniseries, which means there is every chance the series could continue into Season 2, or perhaps follow the three-season pattern of Dark. Maybe with a name change to 2099?

Created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the mystery 1899 follows a group of European migrants traveling from London to New York on a steamship within the titular year when their journey turns supernatural and stars Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernardeau, and more.

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

1899 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Prometheus Meaning – What is Prometheus the God of?

Iconic in Greek Mythology, Prometheus is known as a Titan god of fire and infamous for stealing fire from Mount Olympus and gifting it to humanity through technology, civilization, and knowledge.

The actual Prometheus meaning is “forethought” and the 2012 Alien prequel directed by Ridley Scott was named after the demigod as well.

Famed as being an intelligent champion of humankind, Prometheus is also credited in some variations for creating humanity from clay.

After stealing fire from the gods, Prometheus was punished by Zeus and sentenced to eternal torment by being bound to a rock and having his liver eaten by an eagle – a symbol of Zeus. The liver is thought to contain human emotions in Ancient Greek.

Prometheus’ liver would regenerate and the eagle would return to eat it over and over again before the fire god was rescued by Heracles in Hesiod’s version of the myth.

What Happened On the Prometheus in 1899?

At the beginning of 1899, we are told of a ship, identical to the Kerberos, that went missing at sea with no explanation, known as the Prometheus.

When Captain Eyk changed the Kerberos’ path to investigate mysterious signals they were receiving, they found the Prometheus abandoned with no passengers on board.

The Captain later found a manifest that included Maura Franklin’s name on it, even though she had no memory of ever boarding the Prometheus.

It was later revealed that the passengers were living in a simulation that triggered a time loop every time they failed to survive.

The Prometheus was the remains of a past simulation – that previously contained all the characters we know from the series – before the time loop began again with the passengers on board the Kerberos.

1899 – Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

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  • 1899 Ending Explained

    After we found out the boat was a simulation, it was revealed that Maura and Daniel, her husband, were the ones behind its creation.

    They both created the simulation in an effort to keep their dying son Elliot alive because they did not want to let him go.

    It was then revealed that Maura’s brother, Ciaran, took over control of the simulation on the outside and forced the passengers to remain in the time loop.

    The final moments of the series also acknowledged that the passengers in the real world were actually living in the year 2099, on board a spaceship traveling around the cosmos.

    1899 – Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

    By Jo Craig – [email protected]

    1899 is now streaming on Netflix.

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