The newly released anime TV Series Blue Lock is trending among anime fans. In this article, you’ll learn about the release schedule for the third episode of the manga.

Blue Lock‘s story starts with the 2018 World Cup, where Japan gets defeated by Belgium. The story takes an exciting turn when all the best athletes of Japan get called by Ego Jinpachi, who promises to make any one of them the best striker in the world.

The anime has come up with two episodes, and both episodes have successfully created a base. Now, everyone wants to know when the upcoming episode is getting released.

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When will Blue Lock Episode 3 be released?

Blue Lock Episode 3 will officially release on Saturday, October 23, 2022, at 1:30 AM JST on Japanese channels. International fans will get the episode on Crunchyroll at 9:30 AM Pacific Timing. Below is the time schedule you should follow :

What happened previously in the anime series?

Members of the Japanese Football Union discuss the team’s defeat in the 2018 World Cup. A woman named Teieri Anri says that only Ego Jinpachi can train the team to win. However, another member named Buratsuta Hirotoshi says that if, in any case, Ego’s Blue Lock fails, Anri will be held responsible.

On the other side, getting knocked out by Yoichi, Kira asks why he chose to hit him. Yoichi says that he just wants to be in the competition. After that, Ego appears on the screen and announces Kira’s elimination. Unable to handle his defeat, Kira argues with Jinpachi, saying that the game of Tag is just a waste of time as it doesn’t connect to soccer.

Jinpachi starts making things transparent by saying that everything in the game was designed as per the soccer match. For instance, the area in which they were playing Tag was equal to the penalty zone in a soccer match, and the players were given less time so that they could think and position themselves fast.

Yoichi feels guilty as Kira got eliminated because of him, so he asks Bachira why he passed the ball to him. Bachira says that because he saw the urge to win on the face of Yoichi. Later, the ranks of the athletes change following their performances in the first training session.

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