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What year is Attack on Titan season 4 set? Timeline for part 3 explored

As fans countdown to the series’ return, what year is Attack on Titan season 4 set, and when does part 3 take place within the wider universe?

Attack on Titan may have started as a relatively easy-to-understand story about soldiers killing monsters, but the anime has progressed into one of political maneuvring, and outstanding character development.

That being said, we have come a very long way since meeting a young Eren outside the Walls of Shiganshina, considering that he is now a war-torn veteran that has world annihilation on his mind.

So, what year is Attack on Titan season 4 set in, and where do we find ourselves in the anime series timeline ahead of the part 3 premiere?

What year is Attack on Titan season 4 set?

Attack on Titan season 4 episode 1 (part 1) opens in the year 851, with episode 17 (part 2) opening in the year circa 854 – part 3 is expected to continue from the same point; which is the early months of c.854.

Through the countless flashbacks, memory explorations, and character backstories; we do actually know quite a lot about the timeline from Attack on Titan:

  • B1 1003 – Ymir obtains the power of the Titans
  • B1 990 – Ymir dies, her power is split between the Pure Titans and she enters The Paths
  • c.743 – The Great Titan War
  • c.785 – Subjects of Ymir in Marley are turned into Titans
  • c.806 – Grisha Jaeger is born
  • c.819 – Eren Kruger inherits the Attack Titan
  • c.824 – Grisha joins the Restorationist movement in Marley
  • c.825 – Zeke is born
  • c.830 – Marley introduces the Warrior program for Eldian children
  • c.832 – Grisha inherits the Attack Titan
  • c.833 – Reiner is born
  • c.834 – Annie, Bertholdt, and Sasha are born
  • c.835 – Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, and Historia are born
  • c.842 – Gabi is born
  • c.843 – Reiner, Marcel, Annie, and Berdholdt inherit their Pure Titans
  • c.844 – Mikasa is adopted by Eren’s parents
  • c.845 – The Fall of Wall Maria
  • c.847 – Eren joins the Cadet Corps with Mikasa and Armin
  • c.850 – The second Titan invasion of Paradis
  • c.851 – Eldian citizens repopulate Shiganshina after victory over the Warriors, the first Marley ships arrive including Nicolo, Yelena, and Onyankopon
  • c.850 – 854 – Marley engages in a brutal war with the Mid-East faction, using child Warriors on the frontline
  • c.852-853 – Eren leaves the Scouts to join Marley in the Mid-East war
  • c.854 – Willy Tybur declares war on Paradis, only to be eaten by Eren
  • c.854 – Eren activates The Rumbling

“Eren activates “The Rumbling” in an attempt to destroy the world. Countless Titans begin their march, trampling down everything in their path. Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Hanje, Reiner, Annie, Pieck, and the mortally wounded Levi ……. The remaining ones challenge the final battle to stop Eren.” – Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 part 1 synopsis.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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