With the new Resident Evil: Death Island movie confirmed to release in Summer 2023, what year is the new CG animated film set in?

Resident Evil remains one of the most iconic, popular, and lucrative horror franchises to have ever been created.

Thankfully, the franchise is about to be extended once again with a brand new computer-generated animated movie called Death Island, which has just released its first official teaser trailer online.

Now, fans are curious as to what the new film is about and what year Resident Evil: Death Island is set within the wider franchise.

What is Resident Evil: Death Island?

Resident Evil: Death Island, also known as Biohazard: Death Island, is an upcoming Japanese adult CG action horror movie that is set to release in Summer 2023.

The new movie will be set mainly in the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island and will follow split paths between Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield.

Leon is in pursuit of a vehicle that he suspects to be driven by armed mercenaries who have abducted Dr Antonio Taylor, a scientist who holds classified information that could put millions at risk. However, Leon is suddenly intercepted by a mysterious woman who seemingly appears from nowhere and he loses his chance to capture the kidnappers.

Meanwhile, anti-bioterrorism B.S.A.A agent Chris Redfield is put in charge of an investigation aimed at determining the route of infection that has shocked San Francisco. As a result of his tireless work, Redfield discovers that all of the victims had visited the same place…Alcatraz prison.

As Chris and his team board a ferry towards the island, no one realizes that this island will become “Death Island” for them.

Resident Evil: Death Island will release in Summer 2023; a more specific premiere date has not yet been revealed. The movie will be directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, with Makoto Fukami working as the producer.

“Following the success of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness,” it was a very exciting production period for me to be immersed in the world of Resident Evil again. The staff was mostly the same, so this time we all worked together to scale up the film to screen size while aiming for a film that will be especially enjoyable for users who have been familiar with the Resident Evil games for many years.” – Eiichiro Hasumi

When is Resident Evil: Death Island set in the timeline?

The Japanese Capcom website has confirmed in a recent press release, shared alongside the new teaser trailer, that Resident Evil: Death Island is set in the year 2015.

This puts Death Island only one year after the events shown in Vendetta and just two years before Resident Evil 7.

The chronological timeline for the Resident Evil story is now as followed:

“Following on from “Resident Evil: Vendetta,” I was given the opportunity to work on the screenplay for the new Resident Evil movie. I myself am a big fan of the original game, so I was very moved to be able to return to “the world where B.O.W. exists” again. I started writing the script just after “Resident Evil RE:3” was released (while playing it like crazy). I’m completing a perpetual machine of working on Resident Evil by playing Resident Evil and storing up energy to work on Resident Evil. Playing games is part of the job. I too am looking forward to the video by the great staff.” – Makoto Fukami.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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