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Where was Poltergeist Filmed? 1982 Horror's Filming Locations Explored

It’s nearly time to grab your popcorn and embark on your week-long binge of Halloween movies as we approach the witching hour, and since many will be revisiting Poltergeist, we reveal where the 1982 classic was filmed.

The horror became somewhat of a cult classic years after its release and became iconic particularly for the tagline “They’re here.”

Directed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist follows a suburban family whose home is terrorized by malevolent spirits, eventually leading to the abduction of their daughter through the television. The 1982 classic stars JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, Beatrice Straight, and more.

The Peripheral Season 1 | Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Peripheral Season 1 | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Where was 1982’s Poltergeist Filmed?

Poltergeist was shot primarily in Simi Valley and Agoura Hills in California during the early 1980s, the latter of which was used in the movie’s opening shots.

Principle photography was carried out at 4267 Roxbury Street in the Simi Valley estate of Forest Hills, which is where the Freeling family house is located.

Other streets used for filming include Calabria Dr, Calmfield Ave, Glean Ct, Kanan Road, Rustling Oaks Dr, Shadycreek Dr, and the University of California Irvine.

Poltergeist – Cr. Warner Bros. Entertainment, YouTube.

Where to Watch Poltergeist This Halloween?

Poltergeist is available to watch from a number of sources this holiday season and we’ve provided links to them all below:



Additionally, the movie will be shown by AMC a number of times during the run-up to Halloween, on October 21 and 30.

Horror Fans Still Hold Poltergeist in High Regard 40 Years Later

Everyone has their selection of horrors they dig out during the Halloween season, with many classics topping the list.

Joining Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Exorcist, and many more, is Poltergeist, considered to be one of the greats 40 years later.

Many also blame Poltergeist for their irrational fear of clowns, matching the same intensity as Pennywise from Stephen King’s It.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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