Netflix’s upcoming series Wednesday is arriving soon, and here we reveal the filming locations of the eight-episodic series.

When the announcement was made that the Batman director Tim Burton would direct Netflix’s Wednesday series, everyone knew what they were going to get with the supernatural horror comedy.

There are so many things that fans want to know about the series, and one of them is about its filming location. Let’s check out where Wednesday was filmed and if you can visit the locations for yourself.

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wednesday Addams | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wednesday Filming Locations explored

The Addams Family adaptation was filmed in Romania, where the shooting started on September 13, 2021, and wrapped up on March 30, 2022.

The majority of the season was filmed in Bucharest, which is the Capital City of Romania. However, instead of using the city as their main staging ground, the crew of Wednesday did most of the shooting inside Bucharest Film Studios, the largest film studio in Romania that was established around 70 years ago.

The Studio provided a perfect atmosphere and infrastructure for shooting a show like Wednesday. Apart from building a city-like set inside the Studio, the crew also shot some scenes in the primary and hustling part of the city, giving a glimpse of the shooting to thousands of tourists that visit the city each day.

Besides Bucharest, the crew of Wednesday also traveled to Transylvania in order to shoot some scenes in mountainous regions. They specifically shot some scenes of the TV show around the Carpathian and Apuseni Mountains to capture their beauty on camera.

What to expect from Wednesday Season 1?

At the time of this writing, the new Netflix series has three trailers that indicate what Wednesday is about.

The story focuses on the titular character, Wednesday, who gets expelled from the school for leaving plenty of dangerous fish in the swimming pool and harming several students. Later, her parents send her to Nevermore Academy, that’s mainly for the kids like her. Wednesday’s father also tells her that he met her mother in the same school.

Wednesday soon encounters The Thing, a human hand with several stitches. She doesn’t take much time to realize that her parents have sent it to spy on her. However, being a wicked kid, she threatens the hand and asks it to be on her side.

The girl then comes across some hidden spots in the school and learns about a monster she sees on campus.

Well, she has to solve the mystery of so many things. If the trailer seems so interesting, how can someone keep calm and wait for the series to land on the streaming platform?

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