Vikings Valhalla season 2 just came out and some dramatic events happened at the end of season 1. In typical Vikings’ fashion, there was blood and violence, but not without reason.

There were plenty more twists and turns throughout the show that we don’t want to spoil for you in the event you haven’t quite caught up on season 1 just yet, but there were a few deaths of some pretty crucial characters and of course, many side characters getting caught up in the crossfire.

Some of them had us shocked and asking questions upon questions, and now season 2 is here to pick it back up and hopefully answer some of those questions for all of us.

However, there are some new cast members joining the ranks. Of course, there are plenty of returning members too. Here is the Vikings Valhalla season 2 cast.

Who Is The Returning Vikings Valhalla Cast?

There are plenty of returning characters to Vikings Valhalla. Some of these will be your favorites, and some of these you will detest. Here is the returning cast for Vikings Valhalla.

Who Is The New Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Cast?

These are all the main cast members you need to be concerned with in Vikings Valhalla Season 2. They are the most prominent cast members and will be playing the biggest parts in the story.

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