Roar Uthaug’s Troll is the latest Norwegian Kaiju featured film on Netflix that was released on December 1, 2022, on the platform. The film stars the famous Norwegian actress Ine Marie Wilmann in the titular role, and in this post, we have discussed her on-screen character.

The film was just released a couple of days ago, and it has already received a positive response from fans all over the world, especially for the outstanding performances of the actors. Moreover, it has received 83 % ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and a 6-star rating from IMDb.

Troll | Official Teaser

Troll | Official Teaser

Who does the Norwegian actress Ine Marie Wilmann play in Troll?

Ine Marie Wilmann is popularly recognized for her complex roles in Furia, Homesick, and other films. In Troll, she played the main protagonist Nora Tidemann, who is not a simple character eitther. She is a paleontologist called by the Norwegian government at their office. They need her help to stop the monster that has awakened from the Dovre mountain and is walking towards Oslo, the country’s capital.

She gets teamed up with a soldier named Kris and the Prime Minister’s advisor Andreas. The trio seeks help from Nora’s father, who is considered crazy because he is the one who believes in the existence of Trolls.

Like her father, Nora started believing everything about the fairy tale was true, and about 1000 years ago, entire families of Trolls roamed the land of Norway.

Later, Nora’s father gets killed by the awakened Troll, and after that, Nora and her team try several things to defeat the creature.

After researching and investigating a person named Chief Justice Rikard Sinding, whose name Nora found in her dad’s diary, they learned that Oslo is the Troll’s home, and he wants to go home. However, to protect the capital from further damage, Nora found a way to defeat him, but she later changed her mind.

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