The much-awaited historical anime series Vinland Saga is back on Netflix with its second season, in which fans get to meet the new protagonist Einar. So, everyone eagerly wants to know about the character and the voice actor.

The first season of the anime mainly focused on the one and only protagonist of the show Thorfinn, whose father gets killed at the hands of Askeladd. After that, Thorfinn vows to avenge his father’s death. However, Askeladd gets killed at the hands of Canute before Thorfinn can kill him. When Thorfinn attacks Canute, he ends up becoming Ketil’s slave.

Well, as the second season introduced us to a new primary character, let’s dive into the article and learn more about him.

Who is Einar in Vinland Saga Season 2?

Einar is a farmer who belongs to Northern England. He lost his father years ago when the troops of England’s king attacked his homeland. Later, he lost his mother and sister at the hands of Danish invaders. After killing his remaining family, the invaders took Einar with them to auction him. One fine day, Einar gets sold to Ketil, who asks him to work in his fields.

In Ketil’s field, Einar first met Thorfinn, and the duo got to work together in the beginning. However, they do not become friends instantly. Thorfinn’s saddening past made Einar connect with him on a more human level, and that’s when they started bonding.

Who voices Einar in the anime series?

Shunsuke Takeuchi has given his voice to Vinland Saga‘s Einar. Takeuchi is a Japanese voice actor, singer, and actor. At the 10th Seiyu Awards, he also won the award for Best Rookie actor. He has also produced THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS, and it was also the most significant turning point for him, as after that, he became a sensation.

He is also popularly known by his stage name Jack Westwood which he uses while he performs with his music band Amadeus.

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