Comic book readers may be surprised to hear of a forgotten superhero from the mind of The Sandman writer Neil Gaiman and Marvel Comics is about to popularise the character again.

We provide a recap of the news regarding Miracleman’s new run with Marvel, introduce you to the superhero, and see what fans are saying about the character on Twitter.

Neil Gaiman is an English author known for his fictional short stories, novels, comic books, and graphic novels, including American Gods

The Sandman | Date Announcement | Netflix

The Sandman | Date Announcement | Netflix

Marvel to continue Miracleman with The Silver Age

IGN recently reported that the Miracleman franchise from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham would be receiving a continuation under Marvel Comics.

Marvel acquired the rights to the franchise 15 years ago and the studio is now ready to continue the saga in Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham: The Silver Age, due to release in October 2022.

The new run will compile the entire storyline started by Mick Anglo and Alan Moore in the 1950s, before Gaiman and Buckingham mapped out the rest from Issue 17 onwards.

However, only two issues of the story were released before publisher Eclipse became bankrupt in 1994.

Who is Miracleman?

Miracleman was also known as Marvelman and by his human name, Michael (Micky) Moran – an orphan and once copy boy for the Daily Record.

Michael obtained the power to make use of the “key harmonic of the universe” from Astrophysicist Guntag Barghelt by speaking the word “kimota”.

The boy would subsequently morph into a superhuman adult once speaking the word and proceeded to use his powers to bring justice to the world.

Later narratives saw Miracleman welcome two sidekicks in Dicky Dauntless (Young Marvelman) and Johnny Bates (Kid Marvelman) and the group later became known as the Miracleman Family.

Image from Marvel.

Miracleman fans never forgot about the superhero

Fans of Gaiman and Buckingham’s work have become acquainted with Miracleman, but part of the fandom can’t quite believe that Marvel fans don’t know who the character is:

Another fan stated that Miracleman was originally written as a “Shazam knock-off” before Alan Moore created one of the most influential comics to date:

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham: The Silver Age releases in October 2022

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