YOU Season 4 has introduced us to a new character named Roald, and this article talks about the fictional character as well as the actor who played him.

YOU Season 4 Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix, and people are going crazy seeing the main protagonist Joe living a new life in London. He is now leading his life as a prestigious university literature professor named Johnathan Moore. He has also accidentally become a part of a group of the most wealthy people in London. However, these rich douchebags start getting killed one by one, but this time Joe has nothing to do with all these murders. In fact, he also gets stalked by a mysterious person.

Who is Roald in YOU Season 4?

Roald belongs to one of the most influential families in London. He shares a close bond with Kate and is over-possessive for her, so he doesn’t seem to like Joe. Sometimes, it also looked like he had feelings for Kate that he never expressed. However, when the mysterious killer entered the picture, Roald was also on the suspect’s list of Joe.

The first part of the new season of YOU also showed that Joe and Roald were locked up in the basement by Rhys. However, Joe somehow managed to break the chains from Roald’s wrist, and then Kate showed up and freed the two men. However, we still can’t say whether Roald will survive in the second part of YOU as the killer novelist Rhys is not captured yet.

Who played Roald in the series?

Ben Wiggins played the role of Roald in the new season of YOU. Previously, the actor is seen in The Witcher, Casualties, and Doctors. Besides these, he is also recognized for his work in The Sandman, which was released on Netflix in 2022.

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