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Who does Charlotte Ritchie play in YOU Season 4? Meet Kate Lockwood

YOU Season 4 has arrived on Netflix, with its first part consisting of five episodes. The series has come up with several new cast additions, including an art gallery director named Kate Lockwood. The character is played by the British actress Charlotte Ritchie. So, here, we explain the actor and the character.

If you love watching suspense, crime, and thriller shows, you must have caught the Netflix Series YOU. The titular character Joe Goldberg is the most innovative serial killer fans may have seen before. However, this season, he is not the one who is behind the murders of the wealthy people of London. Instead, everyone is surprised to see him on the other side of the table this time.

Who is Charlotte Ritchie?

Charlotte Ritchie is a 33-year-old British actress who won the heart of fans after appearing in the latest season of the thriller drama series YOU. The actress began her career with the comedy-drama series Fresh Meat which ran from 2011 to 2016. Later, she starred in several British television shows, including Ghosts, Dead Pixels, and more.

Before appearing as Kate Lockwood in YOU Season 4, she participated in a British game show that was broadcasted on Channel 4 in 2021.

Who is Kate Lockwood in YOU Season 4?

Kate is an independent woman who has created a luxurious life all by herself by working hard and earning a top position at the art gallery. The first episode sees her at Malcolm’s apartment when the two are dating. However, they were not seen together for a more extended period in the series because Malcolm dies in the same episode.

She is the new object of affection for Joe, who now lives in London and is known as Johnathan Moore. Joe first saw Kate when she was at her boyfriend’s apartment. Initially, he tried not to follow her, but he can’t help it as they first crossed paths when Joe saves Kate from getting mugged outside their apartment.

The second time, Joe meets Kate at a party where he goes with Malcolm. After that, Joe found himself surrounded by some wealthy social douchebags. Kate was a part of the same group. She seems to be someone who is very protective and loyal to her friends, especially Pheobe but has built a wall for others. That’s the result of her messy childhood, as her mother taught her to be cold, and her father did not care for anyone except money.

However, as the series’ story moves ahead, we see Joe and Kate coming close to each other. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet about their relationship status, but we expect it to be revealed in the second part of YOU Season 4.

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