Chainsaw Man episode 11 focuses mainly on Aki’s interaction with the future devil, Power, and Denji’s training with Kishibe and Makima showcasing her powers. In the episode’s closing minutes, we get a glimpse of several fiends and devils, including the violence fiend and the angel devil. Well, a shark guy also appeared in the latest episode, and this article talks about him.

Chainsaw Man will bid goodbye to every fan with its twelfth episode next week. Currently, the anime is covering the Katana Man arc, but speculations also state that we may see a bit of the Bomb Girl Arc in the last episode of the Animated series.

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man | Main Trailer

Chainsaw Man’s Shark Guy explained

The Shark Guy, whom we saw in the eleventh episode of Chainsaw Man anime, goes by the name Beam. He is a shark fiend who has a lot of respect for the chainsaw man, aka Denji. He is happier whenever he is partnered with denji. For instance, when Denji and Power go to fight Akane’s zombie army, he helps Denji to fight all the zombies as Power has to be taken away because she drank plenty of blood during the fight.

In his devil form, his face takes the form of a shark’s face with three eyes, and his entire body looks like a vast shark body with several long fins also coming out of his body. In his fiend form, only his head gets replaced by a shark’s head with no eyes and few fins. However, in his fiend form, he is not as strong as he is in his devil form.

The manga shows him as the most loyal ally of the chainsaw man, as whenever the hybrid devil hunter runs out of blood, Beam doesn’t think twice before giving his own blood to him.

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