What is Netflix’s new German series Woman of the Dead about and what time will the upcoming drama release for OTT streaming?

Whilst the mysterious 1899 series may have been infamously canceled on Netflix after just one season, international shows and movies experienced an incredible rise around the world 2022.

Thankfully, the OTT streaming giant is looking to continue that momentum into the New Year with their first major German drop of 2023; Woman of the Dead.

Here is everything that fans need to know, including the synopsis, episode count, and most importantly, release time for global streaming on Netflix.

What is Woman of the Dead about?

Woman of the Dead, also known as Totenfrau, is an upcoming crime mystery drama from Barry Films and Mona Films, adapting the bestseller of the same name by Bernhard Aichner.

The series tells the story of a woman called Brunhilde Blum who is used to not only seeing, but being around death constantly thanks to her work as an undertaker.

However, when her husband is killed under mysterious circumstances, Blum sets out on a path that will ultimately turn her into a ruthless predator; one that needs to use all of her cadaver-based skills if she is to uncover the truth behind her beloved’s passing.

“Blum is the owner of a funeral home in a renowned ski resort and the loving mother of two young children. Following her husband’s accidental death, she is shaken to the very core of her existence. Soon, Blum realizes that her husband was murdered because he was in the process of uncovering terrible secrets. She sets out on a quest for revenge, but during her pursuit she turns from predator to prey.” – Woman of the Dead plot, via Netflix Press Release.

Woman of the Dead release date and time confirmed

Woman of the Dead is scheduled to premiere around the world via the Netflix streaming platform on Thursday, January 5.

As confirmed by Netflix, all six episodes from the series will release at the following international times:

Episode titles provided by IMDB include:

Starring in the new series is Anna Maria Mühe, Felix Klare, Yousef Sweid, Shenja Lacher, and Robert Palfrader.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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