Following “The Hardest Thing” being one of the most emotional chapters in the entire series, is there an Amphibia season 3 episode 19 releasing this weekend?

We may very well be living in the Golden Age of family animated series with the likes of The Owl House and Amphibia continuing to dominate the headlines and our weekend watch-list.

However, fans might have not been prepared for last week’s highly-emotional episode, which really was “The Hardest Thing” to watch.

Now, fans around the world are curious as to whether Amphibia season 3 episode 19 is scheduled to release this weekend on Disney?

Is Amphibia season 3 episode 19 releasing on Disney?

Unfortunately, Amphibia season 3 episode 19 will not be releasing this weekend on Disney…or any weekend to come, with episode 18 “The Hardest Thing” being not only the season but also the series finale.

In a Reddit AMA back in August 2020, creator of the series Matt Braly confirmed that the series was “a 3 act story” and that he had “structured the story for 3 [seasons].” This was then confirmed as part of the promotional campaign for the latest season, with storyboard artist Alex Swanson adding on Twitter how “Amphibia’s final season starts this Saturday” in March 2022.

Speaking to The Wrap, Braly explored how the number ‘three’ was a crucial part of the entire Amphibia series. “It’s a three-season story, it always has been in my head. This show is obsessed with the number three, it’s three-crazy” he said, adding that “There’s three girls, there’s three races, there’s three gems. And three seasons just felt right but also, there’s a little bit of narrative momentum that to me was asking for a resolution.”

Could we see a spin-off Amphibia series?

Whilst there might not be an Amphibia season 3 episode 19 with the release of season 3 episode 18 “The Hardest Thing” being the series finale, that doesn’t mean that we have to say goodbye to the franchise straight away.

As soon as the credits rolled on last week’s finale, fans immediately began clambering for some type of prequel, sequel or spin-off series to be announced – interestingly, creator Matt Braly is open to the idea too!

In an interview with The Wrap, Braly noted that he would be willing to create a spin-off and that “It’s the kind of world that I’m more than happy to revisit if it makes sense for where we leave the characters at the end of season 3.”

“I obviously can’t speak in detail about any of that stuff, but as long as it keeps the spirit of that stuff intact, I have no problem. If Disney ever wants to do shorts or little spinoffs, I’m super into that stuff. I love comic books, I love books. I would love to do an art of books, that’s my next pitch that I’m going to try to get going.” – Matt Braly, via The Wrap.

How was the third season rated overall?

Every Amphibia fan will have their own opinion about which was the best season or individual episode from the main Amphibia series, but how was the third broadcast rated online?

Well, season 3 of Amphibia actually achieved the lowest average ratings with US viewers than both the previous broadcasts, with Showbuzz Daily reporting 330,000 people tuned in week-by-week. Despite this apparent drop off in viewers, both the season 3 premiere and finale both achieved higher ratings than the debut or final episode from seasons 1 or 2.

On IMDB, season 3 is averaging an 8.82/10 – which is significantly higher than the overall series score of 8.2/10. Conversely, the third season is scoring a disappointing 67% on Rotten Tomatoes compared to ratings of 91% and 90% for both previous seasons respectively.

It will be fascinating to see how Amphibia does at the end of year award shows, where the series is expected to continue its regular tradition of being nominated for multiple categories across the Annie, Daytime Emmy and GLAAD Media Awards.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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