Attack on Titan will hold a special livestream event this week as part of the promotional campaign for the final season part 3.

We are only a matter of days away from Attack on Titan returning to our screens!

Whilst fans of the iconic anime series are already counting down the hours until the premiere, the global AOT community is celebrating the extensive promotional campaign that the series has experienced.

That campaign is set to continue this week with a special event from Japan: a livestream with the main Attack on Titan voice cast, who will preview the final season part 3 and share behind-the-scenes details from the series production.

Attack on Titan final season livestream unveiled

The Attack on Titan franchise will hold a special livestream as part of the promotion for the anime series’ final season on Saturday, February 25.

The event will include special guest appearances from Yuki Kaji (Eren), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa), and Marina Inoue (Armin) – the event will also be hosted by actress Chiaki Matsuzawa.

The livestream will be available on the Anime Pony Canyon YouTube channels from the following international times:

Interestingly, the livestream will mark the start of a three-night marathon on the NHK TV channel in Japan, where a special seven-part compilation anime will be shown.

Earlier in the day on Animax, another special broadcast will also premiere – this time, an orchestral concert going through the iconic music of Attack on Titan.

When does Attack on Titan return?

Attack on Titan returns for part 3 of the final season on Saturday, March 4 in Japan.

However, due to the differences in timezones and the scheduled premiere of Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 at 12:25 AM in Japan, the anime will technically resume on Friday, March 3 for most international fans.

Fans should note that the Attack on Titan anime series is not returning with weekly episodes, with the final season part 3 being split into two parts; with part 1 being just a single one-hour episode.

Confusingly, this also means that the official title for the concluding broadcast is ‘Attack on Titan Season 4: The Final Season Part 3, Part 1’.

The second part to Attack on Titan season 4 will premiere later in 2023 – a more specific release date remains TBA.

The series is expected to be simulcast on Crunchyroll.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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