Battlefield 2042 classes: Which operators are assigned to which group?

The classic class system has returned to Battlefield 2042 in the latest patch, but which operators are assigned to which group?

Tuesday, January 31 marks a pivotal day for the Battlefield 2042 game and global community as it patch #3.2.0 introduces the classic class system to the title.

However, with any new change and with such an enormous fanbase, there can be confusion amongst active players as to what new features have been implemented.

Specifically, fans are curious as to which operators are assigned to which class in the Battlefield 2042 new character system?

Classic class system finally arrives in Battlefield 2024

The classic player class system has finally returned to Battlefield in 2042, the following operators will be assigned to the four different groups:

  • Assault – Dozer, Mackay, Sundance, and Zain
  • Engineer – Boris, Crawford, and Liz
  • Support – Angel, Falck, and Irish
  • Recon – Casper, Paik, and Rao

“Representing the most substantial change to Battlefield 2042 so far, the Return to the Class System introduces familiar gameplay by bringing back the structure and class identity that you’re used to from previous Battlefield titles.” – Battlefield 2043, Patch Notes.

The Assault operators have the Med Pen available as the class equipment, with gadgets including C5, Armor Plate, Claymore, and Smoke Launcher.

The Engineer operators have the Repair Tool available as the class equipment, with gadgets including Anti-Tank Mine, C5, EOD Bot, Javelin, AA Launcher, and Recoilless M5.

The Support operators have the Defibrillator available as the class equipment, with gadgets including C5, Prox Senso, Claymore, SOFLAM, Tracer Dart, and T-UGS.

The Recon operators have the Spawn Beacon available as the class equipment, with gadgets including Ammo Crate, Health Crate, Claymore, and Smoke Launcher.

Weapon proficiencies and new weapons explained

Weapon proficiencies for the update Battlefield 2042 class system are optional and passive benefits that encourage the use of specific weapon archetypes:

  • Assault and Assault Rifles: 3 Extra Magazines
  • Engineer and LMG: Improved Dispersion while Crouched or Prone
  • Support and SMG: Faster Draw Time
  • Recon and Sniper Rifles: Immediate, constant and steady scope

Three new weapons from the Battlefield Vault are now added to players arsenal; the M39 EMR (DMR), MTAR-21 (Assault rifle) and PP-2000 (sub-machine gun).

However, the big weapon addition is the introduction of three thermal scopes; the TR-1 Thermal 1.25x, T4 Thermal 2.5x, and 2038 Thermal 6x.

“On the balance front we have also made several steps to ensure that these attachments bring appropriate gameplay for today’s Battlefield. That means that some expectations of how these attachments work in real-life do not equate to a fun gameplay experience. Fun is always our priority when introducing new things to the Battlefield. So as an example, tactical smoke from gadgets, grenades or vehicles will be opaque to Thermal Scopes. While smoke and steam that originates from the environment will be transparent” – Battlefield 2042, Patch Notes.

The new update also features a map rework for Breakaway.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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