The Black Knight adaptation has arrived on Netflix today and we explain why there’s a good possibility of season 2 coming in the future and we provide a brief episode guide to season 1.

We previously revealed if Black Knight was based on a comic, but it actually comes from a lengthy webtoon that’s available to read online.

Written and directed by Cho Ui-seok for Netflix, the South Korean dystopian series, Black Knight, follows special delivery drivers that must brave the now post-apocalyptic world due to air pollution in order to get amenities to civilians for survival.

Black Knight season 2 is a strong possibility

It’s too early for Netflix to give the green light on Black Knight as season 1 only released today. The streaming platform usually waits a month or so to see how the show performs before planning its continuation.

However, Black Knight season 2 has a high possibility of going ahead because the source material is rather vast.

The series is based on a webtoon or Manhwa under the name Taekbaegisa (Delivery Knight) by Lee Yun-kyun, and it ran between 2017 and 2019 publishing 89 chapters.

The plot synopsis reads:

“Devastating air pollution and severe social divide between residents and refugees. A corrupt, unforgiving and violent social order. This is the world Sawol was born into. After watching the police massacre her mother and adopted family simply because they were refugees, Sawol holds a deep seeded rage and fear of the police. Sawol believes that becoming a delivery agent is the only means to liberate herself, but can she beat the odds stacked up against her to become one?”

With so many chapters to adapt, and taking early reports of a season 1 cliffhanger into account, it seems likely that the creator has more seasons up their sleeve.

Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 wearing a black raincoat in Black Knight
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Black Knight episode guide

Black Knight is confirmed to have six episodes within its season 1 run on Netflix and all installments are scheduled to drop at the same time.

Korea’s leading visual effects team, VFX Studio Westworld, is the force behind the CGI of Black Knight season 1, and the studio’s previous credits include Netflix shows Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead.

All six episodes are reported to have a budget of 25 billion South Korean won (approximately 19 million USD) combined.

Season 1 does not have any episode titles and the installments are simply numbered, but we have included the runtime of each episode below:

Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 wearing a protective suit in a room full of people in Black Knight
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Black Knight is now streaming on Netflix.

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