Blue Lock Episode 22 will get released soon, and here, you will learn about its release date and time.

The match between Team Red and Team White has not finished yet. The former team is still struggling against the latter team. Team Red has Rin Itoshi, who has full control of the field. However, Team White’s Barou helps his team to earn a third goal. Seeing the heated-up match, Bachira feels left out as he’s not able to show his full potential.

Well, fans are eager to see Bachira’s awakening in Blue Lock episode 22, that’s going to arrive for worldwide fans this weekend.

When does Blue Lock Episode 22 get released?

TV Asahi will broadcast Blue Lock Episode 22 on Saturday, March 11, 2023, or Sunday, March 12, 2023, depending on different regions. Here’s the time schedule that will let you know the episode’s release timing as per your time zone:

How many episodes remain in Cour 2 of the anime series?

Blue Lock Season 1 was split into two cours with a total of 24 episodes, the first twelve of which were covered in the first part of the anime. Now, as the ongoing second part has already released 10 episodes, we have 2 remaining episodes that will get released as per the weekly schedule.

Besides that, currently, we do not have any official confirmation regarding the anime’s second season. However, we may get the news soon because we know how much the series is praised by fans globally. Moreover, the manga still has a lot of source material that needs to get an anime adaptation. Last but not the least, since the day of the anime’s premiere, the sales of Blue Lock manga is rising day to day.

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