Blue Lock episode 10 will get released on Crunchyroll soon, and here, you’ll get the release details for the anticipated episode.

Finally, the match between Team V and Team Z has begun, and the former is, of course, not so easy to handle. That’s because the team has skilled players, and obviously, their superstars Reo, Nagi, and Zantetsu, who stun Team Z by earning goals quickly.

Blue Lock anime will come in two cours, and the first one has already blessed us with nine great episodes, and now, everyone is waiting for the next one. Well, the upcoming episode will be the third last episode of the first cour of Blue Lock Season 1.

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

Bluelock | Official Trailer | Crunchyroll

When does Blue Lock Episode 10 Release on Crunchyroll?

Blue Lock episode 10 will release on Crunchyroll on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at 11:00 AM Pacific Timing. International fans should check out the below time schedule:

Besides Crunchyroll, Netflix also simulcasts the episodes of Blue Lock for selected regions following the time mentioned above.

Reo and Nagi stun Team Z by revealing their spectacular abilities in episode 9

As the match begins, Nagi is the first one to make a goal for Team V. After that, Reo and Nagi step in together, and the former passes the ball to the latter, who successfully earns another goal. Seeing this, Chigiri decides to use his speed and make a goal for his team, but he is overpowered by the opponent team’s Zantetsu, who comes out to be faster than him. As he scores a goal, Team Z gets demotivated by seeing the scoreboard.

Bachira thinks that if Team Z wants to win the match, their strategies should be good. So, he instantly snatches the ball, and using his fantastic dribbling skills, he scores the first goal for his team, making it 3-1. Bachira’s efforts motivate the rest of his team members, so everyone decides to give their best to the game.

Team V’s Reo, Nagi, and Zantetsu kept passing the ball to each other, and just when Nagi was about to score a goal, Igarashi stopped the ball and passed it toward his team players. Getting the ball from Bachira, Kunigami makes the second goal, making it 3-2. When Team Z was playing it well, Isagi thought about his skills. To demotivate him, Nagi says that an incompetent player like him should not be in the industry.

Lastly, Chigiri gets the ball and somehow manages to save it from Zantetsu, who is after him trying to snatch it. However, the latter couldn’t grab it, and Chigiri made the third goal, making it a tie between the two teams.

The upcoming episode will show Team Y using its best techniques against Team Z, now seen as a solid competitive team.

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