The match between Team Red and Team White is still ongoing, and Blue Lock fans can’t wait to see the game’s results in the next episode of the anime. So, here we reveal when will Blue Lock Episode 18 will be released.

Previously, we saw what started as a soccer match turned into a battlefield as Reo wanted to win against Nagi as the latter left him and joined Isagi. On the other hand, a rivalry is about to start between Barou and Isagi. The previous episode also showed Isagi struggling to convince Barou to change his playing techniques. However, the latter denied doing so. The next episode will definitely show Isagi getting into an argument with Barou.

When will Blue Lock Episode 18 get released?

Blue Lock Episode 18 will get released on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 1:30 AM in Japan. Fans from Oceania, Europe, America, and Africa can watch the episode on Crunchyroll. Fans in Asia can watch the episode on Netflix and Ani-One Asia’s Youtube channel. Here’s the time schedule you may need to keep track of the episode’s release:

What happened in the previous episode?

Isagi pays attention to analyzing the field positioning and blind spots. He then realizes he must lead the team and help them play smartly. So, initially, he passed the ball to Barou and believed that as he ran with Reo toward the goal, he could easily earn a goal for the team when Barou pass the ball to him. However, Barou has his own techniques, so he refuses to pass the ball to Isagi. Kunigami took advantage of the situation and earned a goal for Team Red.

Isagi tells Barou to stop acting like that and cooperate with the team, but he isn’t interested in listening to him. So, he says that he will not change his techniques. Seeing his stubbornness Isagi decides to create some magic and lead the team properly. This time, keeping an eye on Barou, he passes the ball to Nagi, and as everyone expected that the ball would be again passed to Barou, no one noticed what happened. Nagi passes the ball back to Isagi, and the latter earns the goal. This directly hurts Barou’s ego, and he decides not to play for the team but to play for his personal benefit.

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