Blue Lock episode 21 will release soon, and here, you will get every piece of information you may need to know about the episode’s release schedule.

In the previous chapter, Isagi’s team was seen playing a match against Rin Itoshi’s team, which is not easy to defeat. Rin has been a strong player in Blue Lock from the very beginning, but in the latest episode, he got fired up seeing Nagi scoring a goal.

Well, as Nagi has hurt Rin’s ego, the forthcoming episode will show the latter awakening his inner beast.

When will Blue Lock Episode 21 get released worldwide?

Blue Lock episode 21 will get released on Sunday, March 5, 2023, at 1:30 AM on TV Asahi. Crunchyroll will simulcast the episode for the global audience on Saturday, March 4, 2023. On the other hand, some selected regions will also get the episode on Netflix. If you are confused about the release timings, the schedule below may help you sort it out.

Isagi’s team gave tough competition to Rin’s team in Episode 20

The episode begins with Chigiri and Aryu realizing they can do magic in the game if they come together. Isagi prepares himself to go against Bachira, Barou picks Tokimitsu, and Nagi decides to keep an eye on Rin. When the match started, Rin’s team knew they would win. However, this time, Isagi’s team members were prepared too.

In the beginning, Bachira had the ball, but as soon as he looked forward to passing the ball toward his teammate, Isagi succeeded in holding possession of the ball. After that, he passed the ball to Nagi, who again passed it to Chigiri as Rin came after him. Seeing Chigiri earning a goal, Rin’s team found the motivation to take the game to another level. Rin played a very prominent role by tricking every player of the opponent team with his incredible shots. He succeeded in making a goal this time.

The game started again, and Rin’s team was even getting stronger. This suddenly awakens the beast inside Nagi, and he decides to make his team earn the next goal at any cost. When Nagi made the goal, Rin took it on his ego.

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