Boruto fans are waiting for Chapter 80, which after a month-long break, they are going to get to read soon.

Recently, Eida is taking all the limelight in the latest chapters of Boruto as she has helped Kawaki to switch life with Boruto. The fan-girl of Kawaki has made things even more difficult for Boruto by putting everyone under her spell. Now, except for Sarada and Sumire, every other person thinks of Boruto as an enemy who has murdered the seventh god. Kawaki, on the other hand, is being treated like Naruto‘s son, which honestly is the life he always wanted to live. Now, every Boruto and Naruto fan is eager to see what new twists the manga will unfold in the upcoming chapter.

When does Boruto Chapter 80 get released?

Manga Plus and Viz Media confirmed that Boruto Chapter 80 would come out on Thursday, April 20, 2023. However, for different regions, the timings will be different, so here’s the schedule that will let you know when will the chapter exactly get released in your region:

Boruto Chapter 80 got its early leaks

Boruto Chapter 80 received its early spoilers on Twitter, and it gave us a glimpse of how things will turn out for Boruto in the chapter. Eida helps Kawaki and swaps his life with Boruto, making him Kawaki Uzumaki. Thanks to her magical spell. Sasuke also gets affected, but his daughter remains unaffected, so she decides to help Boruto. In the mission, she is joined by Sumire, who basically lets her know that Eida has done everything.

Well, the spoilers link has been embedded in this article, but as these are only the leaks that have been released by reputed leakers, fans must wait for the chapter’s official release on digital platforms.

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